Systematic Theology

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The Age of Planets (Dissertation Excerpt)


The Bible and the Jewish Calendar says that the Earth and universe were created only 6,000 years ago. Consider the planets in our solar system. They likely began as molten cores of magma which cooled, crusted and solidified in to a fractured mantel over time. We live on just such a fractured mantel. The Bible […]


Dr. Mark Cambron

At times, when you are up to your neck in alligators, you forget that your purpose was to drain the swamp. My Systematic Theology for the 21st Century effort has gotten side tracked in critiquing Dr. Chafer’s work from Dallas Theological Seminary. It has been critical to the understanding of where a practical Systematic Theology […]

Job, a Philosophy Book from God.


God only included so many philosophy books in his 66 books of revelation. On this, my 50th reading of the Old Testament book of Job I wish to record some of the depth that is not found in its casual reading. It is adequate to know that God had the book penned through inspiration, that […]

Calvinism is the Gateway to Diabolical Error

Tim, Thanks for asking.  I expect all is well there.  We are doing exceptionally well despite our Governor asking all Christians to get out of his state.  Salt and light seem to be bothersome in this world.  All is well with Shane in Peru as well, perhaps less hostility toward Christ there than here.  The […]